Nanotech Water Solutions

Water purification and water treatment - complete turnkey water solutions - Guaranteed!

This is our promise and offer to the market, which no other company can offer in this market. Put us to the challenge and see how we deliver.

Our Water Purification and Solution Market Offer !

  • 16 % Water savings
  • 63 % Effluent volume reduction
  • Zero Downtime for basin or reservoir clean-ups
  • 23 % Increased heat transfer
  • 90 % Reduction in suspended solids
  • 18 % Energy savings
  • 40 % Reduction of equipment footprint
  • 25 % reduction of COD
  • 45 % higher disinfection rates
  • 100 % Yields leading to full production bonuses being earned
  • Biodegradable green chemical technologies implemented

Nanotech Water Solutions is a South African water purification and solutions  company, delivering water purification, water treatment, disinfection and filtration solutions to the Southern African market.

Water purification is becoming critical in Africa and the demand for drinking water using reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and sea water desalination, has increased significantly over the past few years. With our knowledge and experience, Nanotech completed a number of water purification projects which involves both conventional water purification treatment methods - with top end technology applying reverse osmosis membrane separation technologies

Nanotech offers the latest disinfection technology locally, giving the client a choice between chlorine dioxide or steam generators,  for any water stream that needs to be treated.

To-date, pharmaceutical companies have responded to increasing pressure to adhere to international water specifications in producing pure water by using multi effect distillation. Nanotech has proved however, that vapor compression distillation is significantly more effective, producing a better quality water better than required specification.

Nanotech is also being increasingly called upon to address the South African market demand for process filtration systems using filter cartridges and equipment. We supply filter elements and filter vessels which maximise filtration efficiencies at a lower cost of ownership.

Water is our business - and we've made it our business to stay on the leading edge of international water purification technology and trends.


The names Nanotech and Pure Water Systems are synonymous with quality of products and service in membrane purification systems.  Twenty years of experience and product innovation have resulted in the most comprehensive range of capabilities and expertise available to the diverse markets we serve today.  Membrane purification technology enables us to get ahead, to tackle new issues and new problems, to achieve economic solutions and address environmental concerns.

In the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries as well as in food and beverage processing, there is a growing need for water conservation and environmental awareness.  At the same time, ever-higher demands are being made for product quality, product safety and economy.

The aim of this content is to provide a glimpse of the resources available within Nanotech Water Solutions, and to help our customers utilise those resources to obtain the benefits, improvements and cost efficiency that they require.