Chlorine Dioxide – The Miracle Disinfectant.

Lotsane Dam - Botswana

Nanotech Water Solutions has earned preferred supplier status within the industry, because we understand our customers’ needs and make it our priority to meet requirements in a cost effective and efficient manner. The quality of work is uncompromising and Nanotech continually seeks ways in which current technologies can be improved on.
Chlorine dioxide and its use as a very efficient disinfectant have gained growing market attention in recent years. Many companies have replaced their chlorine usage with chlorine dioxide and have reported positive and immediate results. A concern surrounding chlorine dioxide is the perception that it is a much more expensive avenue to follow and not always as efficient as one would hope.

Due to its volatility and instability, chlorine dioxide is generally not transported, but rather generated on site. While there are different manners in which this can be done, Nanotech has found the perfect balance between reliability, sufficient production and have minimized wastage by eliminating harmful by-products. Our generator technology is based on on-going maintenance performed by trained operators and functions best by applying preventative measures, rather than corrective measures which often means down-time and a loss of production.

Lotsane Dam – Botswana – Water Utilities Company
The Lotsane Dam in Botswana provides 22 villages with potable water, the furthest being 128km from the dam and plant. In 2014 a generator was installed on site after repeated complaints from the community about low water quality. The generator was installed, but within two years, the results proved unsatisfactory and Nanotech was called in to evaluate the project.

Upon the plant inspection, it was discovered that the plant had not been maintained properly, leading to various problems that resulted in the generator not producing chlorine dioxide at all. The plant was serviced and restored to its original operational integrity. At the time of handover, the plant was achieving 37% compliance to local regulations. The ensuing pilot project required close evaluation and monitoring of the performance of the chlorine dioxide, hence continuous sampling and analysis of samples from the plant and all twenty-two villages supplied from the Lotsane Dam, was carried out for eight weeks.

Weekly microbial analysis and evaluation of the Dam and the 22 localities supplied from it was carried out. The plant throughput, plant flow rate, hours of operation of the chlorine dioxide generator and daily chemical consumption of precursor chemicals used for chlorine dioxide generation was carefully noted in order to establish chemicals usage and their corresponding costs. By the third week of the pilot trial, the compliance rose to 76,0% and by the fifth week, the Lotsane Chlorine Dioxide Plant was 100% compliant.

The following results were obtained from just a few of the sites:

Figure Illustration
Figure 1

These results have since sustained the 100% compliance rate in all 22 distribution sites. Project results relating to cost indicated that the operational cost of a single chlorine dioxide generator unit is more than that of a chlorine gas cylinder, but the need for booster stations when using gas far exceeds that of using the single generator. The total cost of disinfection is four times less when using chlorine dioxide, compared to chlorine.
The client has after this pilot project decided that the chlorine dioxide technology at all other WUC Plants will be restored and brought back to full functionality to assist with compliance to the required specifications and is now recommended as a liable alternative disinfection method to chlorine.
Nanotech Water Solutions has found the perfect formula for generating effective chlorine dioxide and has developed its technologies accordingly, so as to bring the perfect solution to a market in desperate need of just that. With reliable components, experienced engineers and innovative solutions, Nanotech has taken the lead in generating an efficient disinfectant at the best cost, without ever compromising on quality. Dependable after-sales services and maintenance means that we never leave our clients in the dark, but consistently work together towards continuous improvement.

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