Clear is a broad-spectrum biocide that is effective against all bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, algae and spore formers such as Giardia & Cryptosporidium.

CLEAR has been successfully proven for:

  • Increase in Waste & Potable water Micro Compliance
  • Disinfection at municipalities and boreholes for drinking water
  • Colour, odour and taste removal
  • UF and RO feed, iron and manganese oxidation
  • Improved clarification to reduce turbidity
  • Up to 60% reduction of TOC in clarification process

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Clear acts by first destroying the cell membrane, then the nucleus of the bacteria by chemical oxidation; not chlorination. Because the organism is totally destroyed no resistant strains can develop which enables chlorine dioxide to be used on a continuous basis without the need for alternating biocides.

It is a fast acting and extremely effective biocide, functioning as a highly selective oxidizer with less environmental impact.

Chlorine Dioxide minimizes wasteful reactions, which means a more proficient disinfection / oxidizing agent for your treatment regime.

Nanotech has been involved in Clear generation for years, building systems locally, and testing all the chemical reaction technologies. Each one of these technologies has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Nanotech re-engineered Clear generation methods to adapt to changing customer requirements and sensitivity to dangerous byproducts and contaminants added to their processes.

So it only made sense to learn from all the good systems and develop a superior system, fit for the African market!

As the market leader, Nanotech sets the trends when locally manufacturing Chlorine Dioxide for the local and international markets. The technologies within our product portfolio are:

  • Ion Exchange & Catalyst Technology
  • 3 Precursor Technology
  • 2 Precursor Technology
    • Dilute / Concentrate
  • Chlorine Gas & Sodium Chlorite

Some of the Nanotech Clear Generator Advantages:

    • Chemical conversion efficiency of 98.5%
    • Less components which can fail
    • Zero sodium ion in product •
    • Dangerous byproducts eliminated, below detection level
    • Only one precursor and one regeneration chemical
    • Corrosiveness significantly reduced
    • Clear gas dissolved in water to safe levels
    • Transportation of chemicals significantly reduced (huge hidden cost if not made aware and using dilute concentrations)?
    • Very safe process and very low inventory of ClO2 solution in reactor  •
    • No free Chlorine in product – HUGE ADVANTAGE for membranes and resin applications  •
    • Increase in safety
    • Ease of use
    • Remote monitoring
    • Data logging and reference
    • SMS notifications
    • Chlorate levels minimized, almost eliminated due to pH during manufacturing process?