Filters & Media

Nanotech Water Solutions provides quality products relating to the filtration industry and tailors to wide range of applications including the filtration of water, air and gas.

By making use of process information, a suitable filter is identified that adheres to specifications set in terms of pressure, flow rates, temperature, pH, chemical compatibility, etc. Depending on the quality required, one of the following filters will be recommended to suit your process:

Large Diameter Pleated Filters

  • High flow capacity means fewer cartridges and fewer housings, which reduces equipment costs
  • Reduced labour costs due to decrease in change-out frequency
  • Built in handles makes changing fast, safe and easy
  • High surface area pleated design provides lower pressure drop and longer service life
  • Horizontal or vertical housings available

Filtration Media

  • ZEOLITE – improves efficiency of conventional sand filters as replacement media
  • SILICA SAND – various grain sizes suit a wide variety of applications
  • MANGANESE GREENSAND – Iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide removal from groundwater
  • ACTIVATED CARBON – removal of organics, colour, taste and odour from water