With a response time of 24 hours, Nanotech’s service technicians repair instrumentation and provide valuable system-related services to our customers. Nanotech strives for excellent service provision in providing maintenance agreements and servicing of new and existing water treatment units.

Spare Parts Supply

Spare parts for sewage treatments plants, ultra-filtration plants, reverse osmosis plants, etc. are supplied to Nanotech customers. Parts supplied range from mechanical to electrical components and instrumentation.

Consumables Supply

Consumables including chemicals for continuous dosing or Clean in Place (CIP) procedures; replacement ion exchange resins; replacement filter media and cartridges; calibration solutions; etc. are available from Nanotech.

Maintenance Checks and Services

Monthly or three-monthly checks are done on electrical and mechanical instrumentation and components to ensure the correct functioning of the systems. During these checks services are completed such as replacement of filters cartridges, replacement of filtration media, CIP procedures, heat sanitisations, replacement of diaphragms on valves and more, depending on requirements.