Sewage Treatment

Nanotech’s sewage treatment technologies for wastewater use attached growth to remove organic matter and suspended solids.

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

This technology is a combination of an aerobic process that utilizes micro-organisms attached to a medium to remove organic matter from wastewater.

Trickling filter (TF) and submerged Aerate Fixed Film (SAFF) enables organic material in the wastewater to be absorbed by a population of micro-organisms (aerobic and anaerobic) attached to the medium as biological film.

Advantages of the Nanotech sewage treatment technologies:

  • Simple, reliable biological processes
  • Small footprint compared to traditional systems
  • Effective to treat high concentrations of organics
  • Final water quality conforms to The South African General Limit
  • Final outlet could be treated to achieve The South African Special Limit
  • The technology can be above ground (TF) or below ground (SAF) systems

Download Trickling filter unit Brochure here & Submerged aerated fixed film brochure here.