Waterborne diseases kill 1.6 million kids every year!

According to the UN (United Nations) 1.6 million kids below the age of 5 years old die due to water-borne diseases in Africa, the culprit being Diarrhoea. That is 4383 kids every day. The question then is WHY?

According to these publications, 95% of waterborne diseases are preventable!

Nanotech discovered the 3 C’s for the water industry which we proved to be the solution to our challenging water resources and why people suffer from water-related illnesses.

So, what are the three C’s?



The regulations and standards are published and available for safe drinking water as well as that for wastewater, in the past referred to as the blue and green drop initiatives.

So, if the standards are there, WHY are we not compliant? In our opinion, it is the second C.



Water treatment operations need to focus on their core business, but they have a huge skills shortage in this sector. We have identified this as an opportunity to step in and relieve the pressure on customer responsibility to achieve the compliance required. Nanotech has the skills and competence to deliver this requirement to the industry. All of the above can be achieved but we need the third C.



To achieve compliance real commitment is required, from both customer and service provider. Nanotech focus on the commitment philosophy that has long been lost in the new economy. We take care of processes long after installation and make sure it delivers to the original design many years ago, therefore maintaining compliance.

Nanotech founded the SOLUTION for our clients. We are the trusted custodian of our scarce commodity – Water!