Company Overview

Water is our business - and we’ve made it our business to stay on the leading edge of international water purification technology and trends.


Nanotech Water Solutions (Nanotech) is founded on a bedrock commitment to provide our clients with processed water that is:

  • Pure
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Consistent
  • Quality that not only meets, but exceeds the legal requirements

Nanotech harnesses cutting edge technology to create sustainable solutions for our customers. We gladly accept the responsibility of being held accountable as custodians of these solutions way beyond commissioning.


Nanotech strives to be the entrusted custodians to apply innovative technologies in the treatment of challenging water resources.


Nanotech aims to achieve preferred supplier status from our customers at the lowest process risk.  This will be accomplished by understanding the process and providing continuous support through the lifecycle phases of the various applications.

Accelerated payback and Return On Investment (ROI) will be achieved by exploring and expanding concealed benefits of the customer’s process and applying the most suitable technology. Nanotech commits to the vision by developing and empowering suitably trained employees who are skilled to meet their financial targets and aggressive growth objectives.

A company who has the expertise to provide clients solutions, encompassing several technologies rather than supplying one product, which does not cater for specific needs.

World Class Solutions

The name Nanotech Water Solutions (Nanotech) is synonymous with quality process products and services and world-class purification systems. Years of experience and product innovation allow us to offer a fully comprehensive range of capabilities and expertise.

Latest purification technology is the departure point from which we design innovative 21st century solutions to modern challenges, to achieve cost effective models and to address environmental concerns in line with national regulations.

In the industrial, pharmaceutical, mining, health care, paper, and food and beverage industry, water conservation and environmental awareness are becoming critical operational factors. At the same time, demand for product quality, product safety and economy has never been more intense.

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