Ag-R Disinfection Technology

"Media-filtration systems are designed to filter out suspended solids and debris from closed water systems. These are typically swimming pools, evaporative-cooling towers, or side-stream filtration systems."

No chlorine. No-Risk. No Red eyes. No irritated skin. No handling of chemicals. Just RESULTS!

The “passive” Disinfection Technology killing microorganisms [Ci1] effectively.

Media-filtration systems are designed to filter out suspended solids and debris from closed water systems. These are typically swimming pools, evaporative-cooling towers, or side-stream filtration systems. These filter systems are usually not designed to facilitate a high enough backwash volume to lift the media, to maximise backwash efficiency, or to remove the filtered mass.

Over time, this leads to massive contamination and recontamination of the bulk-water system. The filtered mass that gets stuck inside the filtration media over time becomes toxic and this media needs to be replaced frequently to maintain filtration efficiencies. The same applies to carbon filtration columns where organic removal is required; however, large-scale bacterial activity inhibits efficient removal.

The main challenge is the disinfection of these vessels and to treat the bacterial contamination and recontamination of a system without resorting to aggressive chemical treatment.

The disinfection solution is to maintain sterility inside the vessel and effectively have a “killing zone” during the process inside the filtration media. The target is to achieve a disinfection target of 2- to 4-log reduction in bacterial and viral activity inside the vessel and to significantly extend the life of the filtration media and minimise the risk of contamination.

There are only two reliable methods and chemistries recommended for effective disinfection, especially for Legionella, in these recirculation systems. One is chlorine dioxide (CLO2) and the other is silver (Ag). These disinfection technologies are recognised internationally as the most effective disinfection technologies to kill the notorious and challenging Legionella.

There are two ways to apply these disinfection technologies:

  1. Chlorine dioxide in solution, with continuous injection while in operation, or elevated levels of chlorine dioxide in the backwash process.
  2. Silver ions in contact with the bacteria and viruses for effective disinfection, while at the same time preserving this extremely expensive commodity.

Nanotech developed the technology using silver by coating an ion-exchange resin with silver ions and then combining it with a very efficient filtration media, namely zeolite, to effectively kill the bacteria and filter the debris during the disinfection process. The resin beads, which are between 0,8 to 1,4 mm in diameter, are coated with a layer of silver ions at an ionic level which, when the silver  comes into surface contact with bacteria and viruses, immediately starts the killing and log-reduction processes. These silver-coated resin beads are typically mixed at a concentration of between 10 to 20% by volume (process dependent) with the filtration media. This media vessel allows for a residence time to ensure an efficient CT value.

It is important for effective disinfection to position the Ag-R mixed media of zeolite and silver-coated resin beads after the main filtration system. The first filtration vessel is the first line of filtration to clean up the water and backwash it when maximum delta pressures are reached. Only then will this technology primarily act as the disinfection step. The Nanotech Ag-R disinfection vessel is only backwashed when required. In this slow backwash process, the debris and dead bacteria are removed and pumped away.

Nanotech’s offering includes the validation and confirmation of correctly designed primary filtration vessels and their efficiency. This Nanotech Ag-R disinfection technology is then sized for a specific residence time to allow for desired contact time and log reduction.

What makes this disinfection technology and application unique?

  • No chlorine or chemicals added.
  • No handling of dangerous chemicals.
  • No burning of skin or eyes.
  • No overdosing.
  • No by-product formation.
  • No bleaching of hair or skin irritation.
  • The process can be automated.
  • Solves a challenging problem.

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