"Thanks to their ease of use and consistent results, chlorine and its compounds have been used successfully in water treatment for decades."

Chlorinator Offering

Chlorinators are typically used as the final stage of water treatment, referred to as the disinfection stage. The Lutz-Jesco gas-conveying technology is specially designed for chlorination.

However divergent the requirements may be, the comprehensive range of well-proven units can deliver doses of chlorine gas or liquid. These chlorination systems meet all the requirements of modern applications and they are distinguished by their reliability and unwavering dosing accuracy.

Small Chlorination Plants

It is possible to achieve extremely precise water disinfection dosing with this DIN-standard chlorination plants. The chlorine gas metering devices ensure maximum safety according to DIN 19606 by operating under full vacuum, starting at the chlorine cylinder, and simultaneous chlorine gas delivery is possible with the C 2211 chlorinators.

A wide range of pumps, complete with mixing and storage tanks, is available to meter liquid products at public baths and swimming pools. Our amperometric, potentiostatic and diaphragm-covered sensors easily measure the concentration of free chlorine, thereby determining the resistance of the water to bacteria.

Besides accurately measuring free chlorine in water, we offer equipment that can measure, record, and control chlorine dioxide, pH value, redox potential and conductivity. Gas warning devices monitor chlorine concentrations in the air of spaces where chlorinators are installed and every sensor has two alarm levels.

Our small chlorination plant equipment includes:

  • Full-vacuum chlorinators with a capacity of up to 10 kg of chlorine per hour
  • Chlorine gas changeover equipment
  • Chlorine control valves
  • Chlorine evaporators
  • Gas detectors
  • Several optional fittings and accessories

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Large Chlorination Plants

Lutz-Jesco’s systemised chlorine applications have been designed to be safe and reliable, while being user-friendly and easy to handle.

Dosing accuracy is extremely well controlled and modular disinfection is possible with the C 2525 and C 2700 chlorinators; these are rated at up to 200 kg of chlorine per hour and they feature separate vacuum regulators.

For fully automatic operation, the C 7520 and C 7522 chlorinators feature automatic changeover valves and uninterruptible chlorine gas supply. Our vacuum chlorinators have been designed according to DIN 19606 and both wall-mounted and freestanding cabinet-type models are available.

The large chlorinator plant equipment includes:

  • Vacuum chlorinators
  • Chlorine control valves
  • Changeover valves
  • Ejectors
  • Chlorine evaporators
  • Accessories, like valves, manifolds, expansion cylinders and filters

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