Grease Trap Treatment

The market requires a reliable and easy to operate solution. For this reason, Nanotech has packaged a bio-augmentation solution, NanoTrap. A grease trap treatment that utilizes microbes and enzymes to effectively maintain your Grease Trap.

Why you should care about the maintenance of your grease trap?

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The problem is that fats, oils, and grease (FOG) that enter the grease trap, are flushed out with time into the drainpipe network. The FOG congeals inside the pipes and starts blocking the pipes.

In your kitchen, it causes drain water to push back into your kitchen and foul odours (hydrogen sulphide emission (H2S), creating very unhygienic conditions.  Downstream of your kitchen, the FOG that did make it past the blockages, cause blockages over time, failure of pumping stations in the sewer network, increased maintenance, and challenges on the sewage treatment system. 

Why is that a problem?

Well simply stated, blocked drains mean the water from the drains and everyday use cannot flow freely to the sewer network, pushing back into the pipes, and finally into the washbasin.  This causes havoc in the kitchen. The following happens:

  • Someone needs to attend to the problem, this is time-consuming and costly.
  • The dishes start mounting as the basin cannot be used.
  • The waste might push back into floor drains, and the floor might be covered in drain wastewater.
  • The kitchen starts smelling foul and unhygienic conditions prevail.
  • Plumbers are called out if the problem persists. This is costly.

The drain is cleared by the plumber, and all returns to normal, UNTIL THE NEXT TIME…

How can this cycle be prevented?

There is a solution that can continuously attend to the problem so that you don’t have to.

With bio-augmentation, the FOG in the grease trap can be liquified and digested to harmless components that can flow through the drain network, and out to the local sewage system.

Your grease trap is one of your kitchen’s most valuable assets. Keeping it properly maintained prevents a whole host of issues, from unpleasant odours to blocked drainpipes, kitchen shutdowns, and even fines.

It’s estimated that across South Africa, millions of Rands are spent each year on unclogging drain pipes from FOG.

What is FOG – (Fats, Oils, and Grease)

FOG is an acronym for the fats, oils and greases coming from vegetable, plant or animal sources during cooking. It exists as:

  • Yellow grease that results from deep frying,
  • Brown grease that contains FOG that floats or settles into solids.

Both types of grease can cause challenges in your drain system and grease traps.

How does it look in your piping system?

Well, blockages start forming and only get worse with time. See the pictures below:

Grease Trap Treatment

Below is an indication of a blocked sewer and blocked pipes:

Grease Trap Treatment

No problem, we can help!

The solution is Bio-augmentation, a well known and applied solution all over the world.

What does Bio-augmentation mean?

Well, Bio-augmentation is the process of using selected microbes and enzymes to biologically digest and clean up a specified contaminant, in this case, FOG in your fat trap.

This is a 2-step approach to degrade FOG’s in grease traps. Specific non-pathogenic microbes are formulated and introduced into the grease traps. These microbes selected form enzymes, primarily lipase, which break down fats and oils (triglycerides) to fatty acids and glycerol. However, fatty acids tend to form colloidal particles that may aggregate and precipitate from solution as a result of environmental changes (pH, temperature) and can cause clogging. Additionally, in the bioaugmentation process, the microbes introduced digest (metabolise) the fatty acid and glycerol further, (in the presence of oxygen) to carbon dioxide and water. During the process, they use simple and complex carbohydrates as a food source, and after complete digestion. See below image:

Grease Trap Treatment

For your grease traps, the bioaugmentation treatment process is used to ensure that the microbes that are selectively chosen are the best to digest FOG, they remain the dominant population in the system and by changing the microbial community to include specific microbes, the characteristics of the entire microbial community is improved. 

As mentioned above, the correctly chosen microbial strain can produce enzymes, including lipase. In simple terms, microbe and enzyme treatment converts unsaturated fats (containing double bond) to saturated fats (containing single bond), resulting in increased biodegradability. Thus, it splits long-chain fatty acids and double bonds.

The microbe strain produces enzymes, with specific tasks, as required. The following enzymes have the following job:

  • Lipase – Breaks down fats/grease (triglycerides) into glycerol and fatty acids. This Enzyme is applicable to the product for FOG treatment. This enzyme breaks down the FOG in the grease trap, and assists in the prevention of downstream blockages, due to deposits.

Other enzymes in the product include:

  • Protease – These enzymes break down proteins (e.g. meat products) into amino acids.
  • Amylase – These enzymes catalyse the break-down of starch into sugars which are then further used as a food source for the microbes. Starch acts as a glue for dirt.
  • Cellulase – breaks down cellulosic material.
  • Urease – catalyses the hydrolysis of urea into break-down products.
  • Xylanase – help in breaking down plant cell walls.

The market requires a reliable and easy to operate solutions.  For this reason, Nanotech has packaged a bioaugmentation solution, NanoTrap, that utilizes microbes and enzymes in our product,  suited for the following applications:

  • Restaurants,
  • Hospital kitchens,
  • Hotels + Holiday Resorts
  • Mining Camps, Hostels, Lodges
  • Industry
  • Shopping centres and Retail shops – Anywhere food is prepared and served.

Would you like to see Evidence of this?

When correctly applied the treatment will yield results in 3-6 weeks, depending on the contamination.

The below image indicates a grease trap before and after treatment.

When hot water is flushed down the trap, the layer will be liquified and flushed out, only to settle in the piping system downstream

Grease Trap


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As a summary, what should you consider, before using the product?

  • The product is applied as a maintenance process to treat FOG’s in the grease trap and to prevent build up in the sewer system.
  • The treatment must be considered as a drain cleaner, not a drain opener.
  • It is used in places were food preparation and processing produce large quantities of wastewater with high quantities of FOG’s.
  • Left untreated the FOG can block drainage systems.
  • The preparation area or kitchen starts smelling foul and unhygienic conditions prevail, which eventually leads to expensive and inconvenient cleaning of the blocked drain.
  • The product will yield the best results when the effluent pH is around 7.
  • The flow through the grease trap provides mixing and oxygen supply, which is required for effective results. This is important, as no flow, will result in poor results.
  • Sufficient Hydraulic retention time is required. What does this mean? The time the effluent spent in the grease trap and piping system needs to be sufficient for the microbes to start digesting the FOG. We will assist in determining if your grease trap has optimum HRT.

Very important – Please note the following:

  • Reduce the use of non-biodegradable detergents, as far as possible. Bio-degradable alternatives are available and have proven to be advantageous. Contact us to try out the Nanotech range
  • Do not use anti-bacterial or biocidal products, as this will prevent the treatment from working.
  • Do not use any harsh chemicals such as strong acids or bases as this will kill the bacteria.

What are the key features we like you to know?

  • All our ingredients are readily biodegradable and comply with the standard test method specified under OECD 301.
  • They contain active natural bacteria.
  • Compatible with downstream water treatment and re-use systems.
  • Competitive exclusion of pathogenic or undesirable microbes.
  • Global Green Tag Certified (by technology partner)
  • Our product is long-lasting and has a 24 months shelf life.
  • Product is very safe:
    • Non-hazardous.
    • Non-carcinogenic.
    • Non-genetically modified.
    • Non-pathogenic

What is the next step? Why should you buy from Nanotech?

Our grease trap treatment is proven in the market, and the benefits to you are evident. In addition to our expertise in assisting with your challenge, we can offer you a  30-day 100% money-back guarantee, if the product does not perform as required, after correct application, and optimisation by us.

This is us, putting our money, where our confidence lies…. No risk to you….


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