Reverse Osmosis

Nanotech's Reverse Osmosis units are effective in producing water that is suitable for potable applications. RO systems that provide many years of quality potable water.

Understanding Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is commonly referred to as RO. The process involves the removal of total dissolved solids (TDS) from a feed water stream by driving water through a semi-permeable RO Membrane.

Nanotech’s RO Units

Reverse Osmosis technology is used to remove dissolved solids from water.  The removal mechanism of RO systems is different from the removal mechanism of filtration. Physical holes do not exist in the RO membrane. It is more likely that water molecules diffuse between the structures of the membrane polymer by bonding through segments of the polymers’ structure.

The dissolved salts and organics are retained on the concentrate side of the membranes. Reverse Osmosis is a process of separation. The feed stream entering the membrane is separated into the clean water stream, also called the permeate stream. The second stream is known as the concentrate stream, also called the brine stream. As the water passes across the membrane surface the water permeates the membrane. The water molecules permeating the membrane leave behind the solids. This is creating a concentration of salts in the brine side.  The permeate stream for the RO system is used in the process while the brine stream is discarded to waste. The brine stream typically accounts for 20 – 25% of the feed stream. After a detailed design, the simulated water stream qualities will be available.

Containerized Sand Filter RO System
Capacity of 15 m3/h – Angola
Compliance requirement – SANS 241

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

  • Easy to operate.
  • Flexibility in the production of water to the required specification.
  • Increased membrane water production rates (flux rate) reduces footprint.
  • Developments in membrane technology allow for increased water recoveries.
  • Can be containerized and mobile for the production of potable water in arid regions where no suitable potable water source is available.

RO System – Sasol
Capacity of 210 m3/h
Internal Sasol standards and quality requirements

Why should you choose Nanotech?

  • Focused on COMPLIANCE!
  • After-sales service can be provided.
  • Skills transfer to maintain the system.
  • System designed and fabricated following ISO 9001 parameters.
  • System guaranteed to provide the quality as required – Complete scope of contaminants addressed.
  • Process selection based on system requirements carefully and accurately designed to cater to the end-user needs.

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