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"Lutz-Jesco has a wide range of equipment to meet dosing control measurement requirements for many applications."

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Measuring & Control Equipment Range

In many applications, dosing control measurements are required, like water values, uninterrupted transmission of the measurement values, regulator functions, and controls for the dosing units. Lutz-Jesco has a wide range of equipment to meet these requirements, like fittings, sensors, measuring cells, signal amplifiers, signal generators, measuring devices, and regulators.


The TOPAX DX Multi-channel Controller monitors water value data recorded during water processing, providing real-time control of the metering system. One of its principal applications is in the preservation of water quality of outdoor swimming pools where it can analyse free chlorine, pH, ORP, total chlorine, and conductivity.

Every water parameter that is measured can be controlled and these control processes happen very quickly, thanks to the microprocessor-controlled metering amplifier.

Lutz-Jesco controllers are multi-purpose and 15 of the TOPAX-family controllers can be connected to a PC-supported TopView process control system. With the TopView computer software, everything is under control, providing for the control and display of networked TOPAX systems via a PC, and enabling remote setting of the controller. Even bonded chlorine data can be logged, measured, calculated, controlled and adjusted online.


Several water sampling stations are on offer from the EASYPOOL, DCM and PM ranges. EASYPOOL is ideal for private pools, featuring easy operation via a colour graphic display.

All the devices required for measuring and control are built into the station. Depending on the model, a myriad of parameters, including free chlorine, pH, temperatures, and conductivity can be measured.

The measuring and control product line includes:

  • TOPAX one-, two-, and multi-channel controllers
  • Water sampling stations (EASYPOOL, DCM, and PM)
  • Sensor technology, including sensors for free chlorine, total chlorine, and temperature, as well as pH and ORP electrodes, conductivity measuring probes, and flow rate and level sensors
  • Fittings, like flow rate and immersion fittings, and fitting blocks
  • Accessories, like photometers, TopView, and products like fans, digital frequency inverters, digital teleindication, and transformers

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