Tank Cleaning

"Nanotech Water Solutions is well experienced in the preventative maintenance of Industrial water storage water facilities through specific cleaning and disinfection procedures. This is an important component in providing safe and clean drinking water to consumers."

Reservoir or Tank cleaning is a common practice applied in various industries as part of preventative maintenance. The service offered by Nanotech Water Solutions has incorporated the following three steps into the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP);

  • Tank or Reservoir Inspection;
  • Reservoir Interior Wall Cleaning through high-pressure washing; and
  • Tank Interior wall disinfection with Clear.

Through the application of the reservoir & tank cleaning and disinfection program, the potential for microbiological, chemical, or physical problems is controlled and eliminated. This maintenance of water storage facilities, namely: Plastic Tanks, Galvanized Tanks, Hotwells, Concrete Reservoirs, Fibreglass Tanks etc, through periodic cleaning is an important component of providing clean and safe drinking water to consumers.

What could be in your tank/reservoir?

  • Contamination by pathogens like Cryptosporidium and E.coli, introduced into the tank by birds and vermin;
  • Sediment accumulation which microbial growth and increased turbidity in water;
  • Formation of disinfection byproducts like trihalomethanes; as well as,
  • Increased disinfection chemical demands resulting in unnecessary use of excessive amounts of disinfectants.

When should you clean your tank?

  • Every 2 years (depending on the water quality and system);
  • When sediment and/or biological growth is observed inside the tank;
  • If any repairs or modifications are done to the water system;
  • If coliform bacteria is detected in the water system; and finally
  • if there are any noticeable changes in water quality (taste, odour, colour issues)

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