Ultra Filtration

Ultra Filtration system for potable water production. Unlike conventional treatment, UF provides a physical barrier to particles thereby giving consistently high quality and reliable feed water to downstream Reverse Osmosis systems.

The Ultra Filtration (UF) system is containerized inside a modified shipping container. UF systems remove turbidity, suspended solids, some viruses, and most bacteria. The unit will not remove dissolved solids (TDS). Additional process steps can be added to remove TDS. The unit requires a flat surface with feed and filtrate storage tanks. These tanks usually form part of the site set-up. Nanotech Ultra Filtration system capacities range between 50 – 240 m3/day.

Ultra Filtration Pre-Treatment vs Conventional Pre-Treatment

UF Membrane Pre-Treatment Conventional Pre-Treatment
Provides a physical barrier to particles, thereby giving consistently high quality and reliable feed water to the RO. Removes a proportion of particles but produces poor and inconsistent feed quality to the downstream RO. Operational and feed-dosing problems as well as backwashing operation of sand filters can result in long periods of poor RO feed quality.
Good quality feed to RO means lower frequency of RO cleaning and therefore extended on-stream time. More frequent RO cleaning is required due to poor feed quality, resulting in downtime.
The lifespan of RO membranes is extended hence RO replacement cost is lower. RO membranes may need to be replaced more regularly, resulting in higher operational costs.
Lower requirements for chemical dosing and for RO cleaning, resulting in lower chemical costs. Chemical dosing is required in conventional pre-treatment and with more frequent RO cleaning, more chemicals are also used.
Lower environmental impact. Extensive use of concrete, large footprint, higher energy use, and high chemical waste disposal.

Containerized Ultra Filtration System – Congo
Capacity of 80 m3/day
Compliance requirement – SANS 241

Why should you choose Nanotech?

  • Focused on COMPLIANCE!
  • After-sales service can be provided.
  • Skills transfer to maintain the system.
  • System designed and fabricated following ISO 9001 parameters.
  • System guaranteed to provide the quality as required – Complete scope of contaminants addressed.
  • Process selection based on system requirements carefully and accurately designed to cater to the end-user needs.

Ultra Filtration & Reverse Osmosis – Ghana
Capacities: UF – 300 m3/h & RO – 200 m3/h
Tailings wastewater recovery system

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