Research & Development

Water has truly become a scarce commodity, one which needs to be preserved.

Innovation Successes

Nanotech has taken up the responsibility to find means of improving technologies, which are more effective in treating/ recovering/reusing/recycling/ disinfecting water with the aim to preserve this scarce commodity.

Our Research and Development teams strive to add value to the clients through the advancement made in the equipment and processes, allowing us to continue providing world-class technologies and solutions.

We identified that water disinfection and the chemicals currently being supplied for treating the water needed an upgrade. We are now able to produce two complementary chemicals Chlorine Dioxide and Bromine – Chlorine Dioxide is the best broad based disinfection chemical, with a wide range of benefits to the environment, communities and organisation.

We aimed to improve the current production methods not only for Chlorine Dioxide but also that of Bromine and now Nanotech is able to offer one means of producing these two complementary chemicals (Bromine and Chlorine Dioxide).

For 3 years in a row: Nanotech received a bronze award in the Big Business category at the Rocci 2013 Business of the year event, a Silver award in the Rocci 2014 Business of the Year event, finalist in the 2015 Sacci Entrepreneur Award and taking home the ROCCI 2015 Gold award in the Large Business category.