Water Treatment SLA

"Water that does not meet the minimum quality standards and requirements means loss of income, time, resources and opportunities due to wastage."

If the Quality of your Water Isn’t Perfect, we have the solution!

Water producing plants have the following challenges!

Water that does not meet the minimum quality standards and requirements means loss of income, time, resources and opportunities due to wastage.

Nanotech offers a trial and tested Water Treatment Service Level Agreement (SLA) Solution taking care of the complete operation. It can start from an audit, technical process evaluation, maintenance, membranes, calibration, validation, chemical supply, as well as equipment and services related to your water treatment processes. All from a single source! Now That is different and unique in the water treatment industry.

For over 20 years we have designed and manufactured the best water treatment systems for every application from Pharmaceutical grade water to Wastewater Systems throughout Africa.
What we observed lately in the industry, is that most water treatment systems do not operate to the original specification they were designed for. So, with our collective 75 years of experience in water treatment products and processes we have geared our business to focus on these operations to get them back online and within specification. Our focus and development of a water treatment SLA are not new, but we have the engineering background and experience to make a significant difference. This gives our customers peace of mind, that their water treatment plant is in good hands and being cared for by Nanotech.

Water treatment chemical evaluation

Water Treatment Service Level Agreements focused on maintaining the original specification.

Why a Water Treatment SLA from Nanotech?

Nanotech already has significant water treatment Service Level Agreements in place throughout Africa. We take full responsibility for the maintenance of the water treatment processes, equipment as well as chemical supply management. This also includes process designs, schedules, spares lists, and a service not anyone can offer that being a full and complete process audit.

This allows you to focus on your core business.

If your business depends on the quality of your water, then you can depend on Nanotech for our Water Treatment Service Level Agreements!

Why do it on your own?

We would typically ask You the following :

  • Are your employees maintaining your water treatment plant to original specification?
  • Is your equipment life cycle optimised by your service and maintenance procedures, or does your equipment breakdown and need replacing before their service life is complete?
  • Is your current chemical dosing optimised?
  • How frequently are your analytical instruments calibrated?
  • Are incorrectly calibrated analytical instruments causing you to overdose chemicals in your water supply?
  • Are your chemical dosing expenses more than expected?
  • When last did you conduct an audit on the state of your water treatment system?
  • Do you have enough spare parts on site to maintain the running of your water plant?
  • Do you have the necessary calibration tools and reagents for your analytical instruments?
  • Do you have suitable and qualified staff that can calibrate your instruments?
  • Do you have someone mechanical and chemical qualified and available at all times?

You need to stop and ask yourself, How can my business get ahead of the market when I spend all this effort just to keep my water treatment system up and running?

The short answer is that you probably can’t.  Taking care of your water treatment systems distracts your attention and resources away from your core business.

Process Chemicals Support

Do you want to increase the availability and reliability of your water treatment plants?

A Service Level Agreement with Nanotech Water Solutions does just that.  It gives you peace of mind that your water treatment is online, performing to specification, ALL the time.

Some challenges you face without a Service Level Agreement from Nanotech, are:

  • Maintenance and resources to take care of the water treatment process and equipment.
  • Availability of experienced personnel to operate without supervision.
  • Wastage of chemicals and not controlling for maximum efficiency.
  • No accurate dosing of chemicals in the process.
  • Analytical instruments not frequently calibrated and certified.
  • Discharge water out of specification and incorrect readings.
  • Critical spares not kept on site causing long lead times which lead to loss of production.
  • Plant downtime due to unplanned maintenance.
  • Proper selection of chemicals and equipment regarding compatibility and relevance.

The good news is that you can avoid all those problems with a Service Level Agreement from Nanotech Water Solutions.

How can you make this decision?

Like all things, it’s a Cost-Benefit analysis.

  • What are untimely breakdowns on your water treatment plant costing you?

For most of our clients, the costs of water treatment plant failures are far higher than the cost of our Service Level Agreement.

Water treatment plant – SLA offered

What we offer in our Water Treatment SLA Agreement:

We have a unique approach to working with our clients.  We provide:

  • Analytical and process instrumentation validation, calibration, set-up, fault finding, spares supply and replacement.
  • Mechanical equipment spares supply, inspection, servicing, repairs and replacement, including pumps, dosing pumps, blowers, agitators, valves, screens and piping.
  • Process equipment spares supply, inspection, servicing, repairs and replacement, including the following process equipment:
    • UF and RO membranes
    • CEDI/EDI units
    • UV and Ozone systems
    • Chlorine dioxide units
    • Softeners, media filters, and activated carbon units
    • Ion exchange units
  • Water Treatment Process streams we can assist with include:
    • Packaged Potable plants (conventional and membrane plants)
    • Coagulation, flocculation and settling systems
    • Sewage treatment units
    • Process plants including UF – RO – EDI units
    • Cooling towers – corrosion protection, scale prevention and disinfection
    • Boiler circuits – corrosion protection, oxygen scavenging
    • Disinfection systems (chlorinators, chlorine dioxide)
  • Chemical supply for general and speciality water treatment process streams above.
  • Dosing pump calibration and dosing flow optimization.

Chemical performance analysis

Our Water Treatment SLA process:

We follow a process of confirming the specific water treatment site requirements, and in conjunction with you, set up an SLA that serves your specific needs.

  1. Conduct Audit – Very important, we need to establish a baseline condition of the equipment, to see where we are. A full report is generated on spares, maintenance and chemical requirements, as well as service frequencies. Audit personnel confirm all equipment details (make, model, part number etc.) – Customer plant info is required for audit preparation, if available.
  2. The report is discussed with the customer, and final requirements confirmed.
  3. SLA proposal is generated.
  4. You check the SLA, and we discuss the benefits with you.
  5. On acceptance, the SLA gets integrated into your systems.
  6. With the SLA Agreement in place, services can start.

All this takes the pressure off your PEOPLE and systems and gives you time to focus on your core business.

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